Hi there, I like programming, quite a lot, ever since I was young and received my first  computer as a present, a second hand Atari 800XL (http://www.atarimuseum.com/computers/8BITS/XL/800xl/800xl.htm) , I have been fascinated with how computers work, and more so, how they are programmed to do what they do.

I have worked in the following languages since the late 80’s

  • AtariBasic, Amiga Basic
  • Motorola 68K Assembly on the Amiga (awesome machine)
  • 8086 Assembler, C, Pascal, Turbo Pascal, Turbo Basic, QuickBasic
  • VB6, PHP, C#  & .Net Framework

Never liked Java, while there are some brilliant people and applications done in Java, I’m not too keen on it…I like my applications to look and feel like they fit in with the Operating System (yes, Windows, the only desktop os worth using)

The whole internet and web thing was a great step up from BBS’s(in particular SearchLight) on 2400 Baud (2.4 kbps which was fast compared to 300baud) modems where each bbs had to have separate phone lines for each user, and massive collections of files were stored on CD-Roms.

Started developing HTML websites in Netscape composer in 2000 which was cool, quite advanced at the time.


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